K-Y Intense

By | 10/26/2017

K-Y Intense is a gel that is used to enhance sexual pleasure during foreplay as it involves lots of touching female private parts during sex play. This product offers effective results when applied and massaged locally on the hot parts of female body which she lies to be touched again and again. It is considered as an ideal product to enhance orgasm as it increases the flow of blood.

What is K-Y Intense?

This product is especially designed for women for external application only. This formulated product is massaged on the clitoris to maximise sexual pleasure and sensitivity in that region. Main purpose of using this product is to heighten arousal, increase sensitivity and ensure sexual pleasure as it is not a lubricant but a paraben and hormone free gel.

Usage of K-Y Intense product

2-4 drops of K-Y intense gel are applied on the female parts which she likes to be touched repeatedly during foreplay and starting sexual activities. It is used only for sexual arousal instead of treating any sexual problem or other health condition.

Ingredients in K-Y Intense gel

This gel contains Tocopherol, propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, PEG-8 and niacin etc. which help in enhancing sexual experience and intense feelings at that time

Working of K-Y intense gel

When it is applied on the clitoris then it acts where it is applied while starting sexual activities only. Its 10 ml packing can be used nearly 20 times for this purpose.


Though K-Y Intense is produced by a well-known company actively working in female enhancement industry but customer testimonials are not provided anywhere on its website. Though this product is willingly available on online and offline stores at very reasonable prices but it does not contain a lubricant to reduce the cost of usage for its users as they have to buy lubricant separately. The list of ingredients used on its package does not focus on the problems of stamina or libido. The results of scientific researches provided on company’s website ensure that its 1-2 drops are enough to observe its benefits in your sexual activities. No money back guarantee from the manufacturers is provided to ensure quality of the product.

Final verdict

Everyone dreams to have exciting sex life in his/her relationship. This thing was kept in mind by the manufacturers of this magical K-Y Intense gel and they decided to promote it as a suitable medicine for all the sex-related problem known to date. But their claim for 100% effectiveness does not mention the presence of several dangerous side effects that can give you an unpleasant experience.

So, due to the existence of dangerous side effects and number of negative reviews of K-Y Intense, it becomes difficult to recommend it for others. The absence of lubricant in this product does not allow you to use it anytime. Moreover, it can cause discomfort or irritation on your skin if it is sensitive to unnatural elements present in it.

Thus, you should apply K-Y Intense product carefully on your body as its synthetic and unnatural ingredients can be harmful to your skin as well as overall health.

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