Be Aware of What You’re Buying!

The majority of the Libido enhancement products come from China. Usually, China manufactures cheap versions of the original products, and it is almost impossible not to find a product that does not have a Cheap Chinese alternative.

So, do be astonished when you come across a bottle of libido enhancement selling under $3 online. No wonder you can even find some wholesalers selling a bottle for less than a $1. Nevertheless, almost all the bottles you see, at that price category, will have one thing in common – MADE FROM CHINA!

Is that price justifiable?

Yes. Why? Because of the worthless contents of those bottles. If you manage to get one bottle, you will later realize that the products are not arousing your woman – there are only water and no magic potion.

Worse still, most of the bottles come leaking, some covered in mold and some half empty since no inspection is done on these products.

You don’t have to learn about these enhancements the hard way – somebody already did that for you!

Currently, it is nearly impossible to stop people selling such fake products online even when an official authority is involved.

For example, the U.S. FDA has tried to stop the sale of those products in the U.S. without much success. Therefore, as an unbiased review site, we inform people about potentially dangerous and useless drugs as well as educate them about better alternatives.




More about us

As a dependable review site, we have a group of laboratory and pharmaceutical professionals that test the various sex enhancement products.

At no time, do we affiliate with any company producing these supplements and you won’t find any commission or affiliate link on our site.

Furthermore, since we don’t sell these products on our website, we offer a link to the product’s official website. If you don’t believe, just take a look at any of our reviews (e.g. Spanish Fly Pro) and see for yourself.

Adoption of the results.

  1. Find trendy products. We find trending products that are in high demand, and then we test them.
  2. Purchase the product secretly. We just purchase the products from online retailers or local stores as regular customers anonymously. Neither the company nor the brand gets to know we are testing their products.
  3. Laboratory testing. We test every product that we purchase in our FDA-approved labs before writing a review about them.