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By | 10/26/2017


Extenze is a product aimed at women which claims to help them improve their sex drive and even improve orgasm intensity. This sounds too good to be true and maybe because it is? With all the products out there that promise this kind of thing, it’s hard to know which ones can be trusted. Let’s have a look at Extenze in more detail so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Extenze?

Extenze is an oral supplement that should be taken by women on a daily basis. It’s designed for those who want to improve their libido. A woman’s sex drive can decrease for many reasons and is a completely normal occurrence. In addition to this product increasing your libido, Extenze also claims to improve energy levels and the quality of the orgasm itself. You might be aware that Extenze already has a male supplement similar to this, which is why the brand has now created one for women. The product is supposedly safe to take because of natural ingredients and therefore no side effects…This all sounds pretty believable so far, but let’s see what ingredients are found in these supplements so we can explore this claim further.


Although it is CLAIMED that Extenze only uses natural ingredients in these supplements, some research has shown this is not quite the case. There is a wide range of products used in Extenze, TOO many of which the product can be called “natural”. Although some of them can be found below, there are literally so many other ingredients that we do not even know about. Putting something into your body that you are not fully informed about is not a good idea in general and this puts Extenze into question.
Korean Ginseng Extract – This has been used in ancient medicine for many years because it’s said to be an effective aphrodisiac.
DHEA and pregnenolone – These two ingredients give a boost to sexual desire.
Calcium, Vitamin B6 and Folate – Nutrients that are all great for a woman’s health in general, not necessarily related to the libido.
Muira Puama Extract – This natural herb is claimed to improve sexual function and desire.
Damiana Extract – Increases energy and sexual function.


– There are women who have had success from taking Extenze and it is quite a well-respected brand with a similar product for men.
– The product can be ordered from the official website and isn’t too expensive.
– A full ingredient list is not offered for Extenze (see previous point for more detail!)
– No research has gone into the product, in order to back up claims that have been made by the brand.
– There is no returns policy for Extenze, a fact which is quite concerning.


You might read many positive reviews about Extenze online but can these really be trusted? You do not know WHO these reviews come from or even if they’ve actually tried the product. I decided to take things further and conducted my own research. Extenze was given to 5 women over a period of 2 months, who then gave feedback with their findings. All had quite similar results and you can read a couple of these reviews below.
“My experience with Extenze didn’t stand out at all because nothing happened! I had no side effects when taking the product but I definitely didn’t notice an increase in my libido either. I feel like this product is nothing but a placebo effect in fancy packaging.” – Susan
“Extenze really is something that could be useful to me in my personal life. I did experience higher energy levels after a little while of taking the supplements which is always a plus. However, I did notice a break out in spots – which I NEVER usually get. My sex drive didn’t improve at least to my knowledge, so I wouldn’t recommend Extenze.” – Briana


Although Extenze for women has big claims, there are some factors that really put everything into question in my mind.

The fact that many of the ingredients cannot be accounted for is worrying. Many women have not had good experiences while taking the product and this is another concern for me.

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